“Silent Disco” – the new trend when partying
– Celebrate without annoyed neighbors
– Celebrations without a police visit
– Party and at the same time talk without yelling
– Silent party in any room or outside

They already exist in all larger cities, offer your guests special fun now!

Videos about Silent Disco

How does it work?
Each of your guests gets illuminated wireless headphones and dives into the party night. Imagine your guests becoming part of the party lighting themselves with the colored LED handsets. If you want to talk in peace, simply take off the headphones. Sounds a little strange but awesome at the same time, right?

One more thing
You know it – the DJ plays great music but you just want to hear something different? No problem – optionally, up to three live DJs/playlists with different styles of music can be enjoyed. By pressing the headphones you can easily switch back and forth between up to three DJs/playlists.

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